The Manifold of Benefits of Water Jet Cutting Technology

Water jet cutting technology is one of the many ways that will allow you to accomplish the task of cutting metal, seamlessly. Other means of doing such a job can be best described as simple but crude, like when you make use of a hack saw. While others, as we are well aware of, are coming off as something technical in nature such as plasma cutting tools and lasers. 

But there are some serious drawbacks in the use of modern cutting techniques. Such may come in the form of deformities along your cut lines down to having messy edges. In addition to this, this modern style of cutting is actually defined by what they are capable of delivering. 

These modern methods of material cutting have their own set of limitations, meaning you can’t really expect them to effectively and seamlessly cut everything for you. The range of materials they can effectively and cleanly cut through is limited, and if you want to have the best results for your project, it is of prime importance that you are well aware of this. 

This is where the water jet cutting method comes in.  It is also worth mentioning here why this particular style material cutting technique is better or more advantageous to other methods, at least in some important aspects. 

Does Not Produce Heat

Unlike other modern material cutting methods, water jet cutting does not employ the use of nor produce heat. This signifies that if you will employ this method for your metal cutting requirements, you are not going to have issues on distorting, warping, or melting along the edges. You will find this most beneficial when working on a project that requires you to make no less than precise cuts for intricate parts or objects. 

Highest Level of Precision

One of the reasons that explain why this method of modern metal cutting is popular is due to its high level of cutting precision.  Water jet cutting precision can make tolerances to as close as 0.0005. However, this kind of precision cutting does not really come cheap. 

The more precise you want your cuts to be, the higher cost it would take you when it comes to the cutter setup as well as the materials that you will be needing for the level of precision you want to have for your cut materials. 

The mere fact that this cutting method is automated and fully controlled by specialized software, you already have the assurance that you are looking for here. 

Level of Versatility

There are metal cutting methods that will actually work great and deliver wonders when used to certain types of materials but is not likely to have a stellar output when used in others.

Water jet machine manufacturers are asserting that this method of material cutting allows for cutting of just about any material you can think of, effectively. 

But there is one noted exception here, a water jet cutting machine would never be able to cut through tempered glass. Some of the classical examples by which this method will cut through with a high level of precision are alloys of all types, marble, steel, wood, aluminum, stone, composites, plastics, and even rubber.  

Cleanup and Time

Cleanup is among the nicest benefits of this cutting technology. It has taken slag out of the picture with very little to no burr at all on those parts you are trying to cut through. With a water jet cutting machine, there is a minimal need for clean up. 

You might not even need a secondary finishing process such as sanding or grinding. Therefore we can safely say that this technique allows your material cutting tasks to move along quicker, so you are able to complete them way faster compared with other material/metal cutting technologies.  

If these points I raised to your attention here don’t sway you still to use waterjet technology, or you are thinking they are not good enough for you to see how valuable and indispensable this cutting method is compared to other traditional means, check out what I have below: 

  • Fast turnaround time from drawing board to cutting your object. 
  • Snappy setup time, thanks to the minimal required setup. 
  • Eliminates the need for resharpening tools after using them multiple times already. 
  • No impact on the materials structural property due to the fact that this material cutting method employs a “cold” cutting technique. 
  • Great method to use to create your required prototype materials.  


The high level of precision of water jet cutting, together with its ultra-fast turnaround time is quickly making it among the most popular material cutting methods today. 

There is no doubt about it,  this modern type of cutting method is soon to become the method of choice in many industries.