Spill Kits Australia: Steps to Selecting the Right One

Choosing the right spill kit can be a daunting task. With a range of options available today, how do you know which one to choose? Getting the best solution is not as easy as it seems. But here are some questions that will guide you and narrow down your choices to find the best spill kits in Australia.

What Liquid will it Absorb?

Choosing the best spill kits Australia with absorbent that is designed to draw up water and oil-based liquid when reacting to oil spills on the water can a big mistake. Aside from this, having one ready that has limited compatibility when responding to highly corrosive liquid could leave behind unwanted chemical reactions. By knowing which solvents and liquids are being utilized in the installation, you will be able to determine the best variety of spills kits in Australia that will fulfill your needs.

What is the Volume of the Worst Oil Spill?

You need to know the greatest measure of the liquid that can be spilled from the tank or container. If the liquid is kept in a drum, usually it would be 115 or 210 liters. If kept in totes, you need to know the volume of the biggest tote, usually from 760 to 1900 liters.

Dangerous Oil Spill
Oil rig explosion. Source: Pixabay

Identify the Best Container for the Location

There are some companies that choose to have their spill kits in each last region disposed to spills, like barrel storage areas, loading docks, waste fluid collection stations, and dispensing stations. There are also those who opt to have more than one kit that they can channel to the area where a liquid has spilled.

Is there a Need for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?

The liquid mixture has the potential to produce a vast spill. When this happens, spill responders are available in various sizes and shapes. Given these two factors, manufacturers do not provide PPE with their kits. This is because spill kits that have incorrect gloves or wrong suit size will not be very helpful in such a stressful situation. But the good thing is, manufacturers actually give space in their kits for PPE to be supplied.

Do you have a Container or Cabinet for your Kit?

There is actually no rule that differentiates what a spill kit needs to have or what the container should look like. If you have a storage cabinet in a place where you would want a spill kit to be put, or you have an old one that should be restocked, almost all kits for spills have refills available. You just have to choose a refill depending on the absorbency requirements and keep it in a locker or container at your installation.

If you are in the search for the best kit to take care of your spills, be sure that you consider the above things so you end up with the right one.