Pendant Lights in Different Types

Today, it is so exciting to see so many light fixtures available for us to choose. It is so amazing how lights can transform a space into something more beautiful and even functional. One of the popular options that are preferred by many is pendant lighting. From restaurant bars to kitchen islands, and museums, pendant lights are seen almost everywhere. It is a single and downward-facing light that hung from a chain, stem, or single cord. This type of light is very attractive and appealing.

It comes in different styles such as bowl pendants, mini pendants, multi-light pendants, drum pendants, and lantern pendants. If you are considering to use this type of lighting fixture, knowing the different types will help you better choose the right type that will meet your needs.


Mini Pendant

This type is often less than 10-inches width with downward facing light. It is usually designed with a modern style and look and makes use of bright and colored glass shades. This is best used in dining tables, bars, kitchen counters, and in other small-seated areas. Usually, multiple single mini-pendants are hung in a series of two to five or more. This is often seen in bars and modern restaurants.


Bowl Pendant

This one is hung as the central point of a room and used as an alternative to the chandelier in the dining, kitchen, and entryways. This pendant lighting is softer than the other types because its light is diffused through a larger glass bowl. Since the bowl is open on top, this gives off up and down lighting. With the reasons, bowl pendants should be hung higher than the level of the eye.


Drum Pendant

This type is becoming more popular today. This is often used in contemporary business settings and modern homes. This light has a short cylinder-shaped drum which is often covered in metal or fabric, hung from a cord or stem, and closed on the top and bottom sides.


Lantern Pendant

This is used in entrance areas and foyers. This consists of a glass panel set in a metal frame. Lantern pendant is often chain hung and matches the outdoor lanterns outside of the entrance.


Multi-Lighting Pendant

This is often a string of mini pendants that are hung together from one mount. This is best to be used over coffee tables, kitchen islands, wet bars, and pool tables.

Pendant lights can definitely update and upgrade the feel and look of a space. With so many types, styles, and finishes to choose from, you will find the perfect match for your space. Just make sure that you take your time in choosing and be prepared to be overwhelmed with so many choices that are waiting for you. Just enjoy the process until you find the best one for you.