LED Batten Light Versus Fluorescent Tube Light

LED Batten Light Versus Fluorescent Tube Light

For a long time, we have been using fluorescent fixtures but such time is long gone. Such type of lighting fails to provide the right amount of lighting in a given area, but are more expensive than other types. Although it may appear to be cheaper in price in the market, if you think of it long term, they do not last so you have to replace them a lot of times. Every replacement means spending money.

Finding the Best Alternative

Good thing that we don’t have to suffer from the above situation as there is a better alternative in the form of LED batten light. If you need lights that are intended to be mounted on a surface or suspended from your ceiling, such type of LED light possesses the power that is needed to light the home, office, front porch, and industrial settings. With all its advantages, this type of lighting is gaining a lot of popularity compared to fluorescent tubes. Most of all, it comes with so many benefits that people will enjoy.

More Sophisticated

For one, a LED batten light makes use of LED technology that is more sophisticated than halogen, incandescent, or fluorescent. LEDs are considered to be the future of lighting as they can last for a very long time, requires a small amount of energy, and utilizes the said energy in the most efficient way. LEDs can last for up to 50, 000 or dozens of years of usage.

Safer Option

LED batten lights are safer compared to fluorescent counterparts. Unlike with tube lights that makes use of a chemical similar to neon that can be toxic, batten lights are chemical-free are do not release any hazard in the environment. This also makes it a great option for hospitals, schools, factories, and residential uses. At the end of its lifespan, this light is very easy to dispose of, thus no toxic waste is created and does not require any special type of treatment.

Moreover, this light takes the basic design of fluorescent tube lights and can be upgraded to perfection. Depending on how much illumination you need, this light may have one or more LED tubes integrated within them.

With its ease of installation, unprecedented quality, and economy, this light has become the best choice for linear lighting. It is also minimalistic, has a slim design, and lightweight, such type of light could be stylish and considered to be an unobtrusive solution.

With all of these, it is safe to conclude the LED batten fittings are the more advanced solution when it comes to lighting and it comes with so many benefits to offer. So, if you are thinking of installing a new lighting solution, you may want to consider this type.