Everything You Need to Know about Anti Slip Tiles

In anything that is commercially built, the safety of the people is and should be the main concern. If you are in the process of designing or building a kind of environment where the floor has the tendency to get wet, anti slip tiles are a must

By knowing the complexities of these anti-slip surfaces, you would be able to select the right type of commercial tiles for your specific project.


What makes tiles anti-slip?

There are various things that make up anti slip tiles.

Natural texture

A tile may just be anti-slip by nature like riven tiles that are rough. The rough texture gives suitable places for water to fall and thus, the contact between water and foot is minimized while the grip is maximized. This helps reduce the tendency of slipping.


Acid Etched

There are some tiles that can be etched with acid so it provides similar effect. These types of tiles have rougher surface which provides the grip even in very wet conditions.


Anti slip Coating

Many manufacturers today are offering anti-slip coatings that allow users to coat a floor that has already been installed and to give it a better anti-slip grading.

This means that it is possible to coat almost any surface including porcelain, concrete, and stone so they become anti-slip. With this, costs are greatly reduced for the clients.


When should these Tiles be used?

These tiles are used wherever there is a chance for water to get into the wall or floor area. They are usually in bathrooms, swimming pool areas, commercial kitchens, and outside areas.

However, this does not mean that each of the areas require the same tiles. Some of them may need higher grade ones that others. For commercial anti-slip tiles, they come in different ratings. Knowing the rating systems is important so you can install the right types of tiles in the right places.



The floor in the bathroom definitely needs this type of tiles as it is often wet. How about the walls? For these ones, the tiles need to have good anti slip properties, especially when they are used commercially. Without these tiles, anyone who uses the bathroom could suffer from slip and fall if they remain steady on a wall that has condensation on it.


Shop Floors

Although the risk of slipping in shops is lesser compared to other environments, such can still occur.


Commercial Kitchens

These types of tiles should be high-grade enough to be certain that when liquids are split, people who are working in the area are not going to slip and fall.

Making sure that an area is safe should always be a priority. This is because when an accident happens, it can directly affect the operations. This is why these types of tiles will always be a great investment.